Well, over the weekend, I enjoyed some delicious Moose's Tooth Pizza and cheese bread, plus some Dino's donuts and a few other indulgences...because today, I say goodbye to all of that. I am committing to a new food plan.

I cleaned out my refrigerator and pantry of almost all the food, and am now on a food plan in which my meals and snacks are made for me, properly portioned and nutritionally balanced.  I just grab and go, and heat them up later.

Why?  Well I went to Planet Fitness the other day, and it started ORBITING me.  Good enough reason?

I'm going to be BRUTALLY honest.  This morning I weighed in at 310 POUNDS and my waist was at 52 inches--and I'm only 5' 6". 

I have water retention swelling in my feet and lower legs--I take vitamin B and wear compression socks to deal with that.  Sitting, standing, traveling on airplanes, walking, buying clothes, and even getting dressed is made difficult when trapped in this body.

Add to that, the weight either causes or worsens almost every medical condition I have.  I take pills for high cholesterol, low thyroid, and an now an bi-weekly injection for low testosterone. 

Also, shortly after I began training for biking this spring, I injured my back and am now getting treated steroid injections for a compressed disk in my lower back (between L4 and L4).   Even if the weight didn't cause the spine injury, I'm not helping my back by hauling around twice the weight I should be.

So, I either make changes, or I die early. 

Since my back injury  is making it impossible for me to exercise, I've decided to make the first radical change in my eating habits--radical because I'm dropping unhealthy foods and large portions.  I don't want to call it a diet, because diets tend to be temporary, and the weight you lose can just come right back when you end the diet and return to your old eating habits.

I am not on a diet.  I'm changing my eating habits--to something I can maintain and something that will support a healthy weight and lifestyle.  And since I cannot cook and tend to eat on the go and microwave anyway, this new plan should be a perfect fit.

Stick with me and I'll let you know how it works. 

Oh, by the way...here's my first omelet.  OMG!!  I didn't know spinach and turkey bacon were allowed in omelets??  

I'm off to a very tasty start.