Weight on Monday, 5/16:  310 pounds
Weight  today, Mon 5/23:  300 POUNDS!! LOSS OF 10 POUNDS!

I'm very happy with the first week on my new NOT-A-DIET with the food and the weight loss.  However, I am tempering that.   Some of those pounds might have just been heavy food clearing out of my system from the weekend before I began.  I had farewell dinners for...I mean, of  burgers and pizza.  It was a long, sad goodbye.

But still, in my first week I was eating a lot more healthy foods, including lots of protein, some complex carbs,and lots of veggies.  I also reduced my coffee to about 1 cup a day with a sugar reduction to 2 packets.  And I ATE NO JUNK FOOD...though I have had cravings for donuts and pastries.  I got through them, though. 

So some of that weight loss had to be excess fat.  YES!!


I believe I chose my new meal plan very well when it comes to it's executed.  Remember, I have never learned to cook and microwaved my way to roundness.  Also, many healthy foods aren't packaged in a size that suits a bachelor, so I'd see a lot spoil.

Well, this new system works like this.  I get a WEEKLY DELIVERY of pre-cooked, pre-portioned meals every Sunday (two breakfasts deliveries each week, though, to ensure quality of eggs when reheated).

Before going to bed, I put my next day's four meals (containers) and two snacks (plastic bags)  in one of these totes the delivery came in, and I take it to work.  I eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

I always take all meals/snacks in case I stay late at work, keeping the meals refrigerated.    Here is what's in it.  The bag, food, and containers here weigh just over 4 pounds. 

BELOW:  Here are just some the meals.   Top left:  Breakfast--gluten free blueberry pancake, eggs & spinach (mostly egg whites), turkey sausage (a small amount of sugar free syrup came with it--see the above picture).  Top right:  a salad meal.  Bottom left:  lasagna and veggies (my favorite).  Bottom right:  Chicken with sweet potato and spinach. 

The salad is considered a meal with the addition of chicken for protein.  I do not use salad dressings--never have.  So, I'm allowed about a spoonful of shredded low fat cheese.  That bag has cheese for a week's worth of salads.  Also in the salad, chopped walnuts and a couple of sliced strawberries.  There is also a light glaze on the chicken which is very tasty.

And that's it!  I just grab a meal, heat it up for about 90 seconds if needed, and enjoy.  Then on the next Sunday, I return the containers (washed) and get my next week of meals.

So, that's how I'm doing it...taking advantage of my own weaknesses to  eat (and enjoy!) healthy meals.  I swapped the JUNK I used to microwave with a well designed series of healthy meals with good ingredients.  It's a plan I believe I can stick with.

Thanks for loggin' where I'm bloggin'!