SOUTHWEST has to be one of the coolest airlines to fly!

Check out this fast talking, super funny flight attendant.  She gets everyone's attention during her safety briefing.

Luckily their seat belts were all fastened or they would have been rolling in the aisle!

On another note, I have begun biking into work.  The sidewalks between the Dimond Center and my home have been MOSTLY cleared.  There are still piles of snow melting onto the sidewalk and re-freezing.  I just go slow and straight over them.

Please sponsor me and my team in Bike MS.  You can make a donation at or find out how you can become a Bike MS rider yourself, solo or with your own team.  Bike MS is on May 31st!!

Remember, no matter where you bike or why, wear your helmet and safety gear. 

Don't be a 'stealth biker' either.  You're not at a heavy metal concert, you're on the road--ditch the all black gear, or wear reflective stuff over it and get some lights SO YOU CAN BE SEEN!