I have been putting this announcement off,  hoping to work through this--but I cannot.  It is with a sad heart that I must drop out of Bike MS due to a back injury.  I am going to become a "virtual rider" to raise money and support my team, Team I.T.Y.. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was in agony just bending over to put on my shoes.  I even needed to use needle nosed pliers to extend my reach just to put on my socks. 

My doctor currently has me on strong anti-inflammatory meds, plus pain killers that I can only take when I'm not going to be driving.  My back is slowly recovering, but not fast enough

Multiple sclerosis, however, still rolls on to affect the lives of over 1000 Alaskans, and we need our help.  Please go to www.BrianBikes.com and make a donation supporting Team I.T.Y.--and also, if you are a biker, WE NEED YOU!!

You can join Bike MS by clicking here!  Join as a solo rider or even form a team of friends, co-workers or family members.  There are 4 different lengths you can ride between 25 and 110 miles along the scenic Seward Highway.

Remember, the ride is on May 31st this year.  Please be a part of a fun event and help kick some MS!

Thank you!