Thanks for checking out my blog.  First, let me proudly announce that CASEY B. of 101.3 KGOT,  which is Magic 98.9's sister station and next-door neighbor, will be joining me for the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Alaska, taking his first jump into icy Goose Lake to help raise money in support of our S.O.A. athletes!!  THANKS KCB!

If you would like to sponsor either of us with a donation to Special Olympics Alaska, here is the link for CLEAR CHANNEL'S TEAM PAGE.  The Polar Plunge for Special Olympics AK will be December 21st, so come out for the fun.  Donations are greatly appreciated, and so is sharing our pages via Facebook and Twitter.


I spotted this on my Facebook Newsfeed and just had to pass it along.  This Kickstarter campaign is for the prototype SMART WHEEL pedal assist from FlyKly.  It looks perfect for people that want to commute in to work via bike but don't want to be sweaty when you clock in.

It activates when you start pedaling, making it effortless and increasing your range so, as the video explains, you don't have to dress for the ride, you can dress for the destination.  I am thinking about that towel and change of clothing I bring to work or the half hour I sit in front of a fan to cool down and dry off.  Gone!

Plus, it incorporates smart phone technology to control its settings, lock it, prevent theft, and to electronically diagnose and report problems--and they have even incorporated recharging when coasting downhill, as well as a seperate wheel-generator for charging your phone and mounting it on the handle bars. VERY SLICK!

My only question is, can the Smart Wheel be disengaged for when you want to do an actual workout?  I didn't see that in the article.  READ MORE HERE!

Check back later for more updates, and please share my Magic 98.9 blog.  THANKS!