When I was in the military (Army and Air Force), I LOVED MRE's!  Well, most of them.  Any of the Meals Ready-To-Eat with turkey were my favorite.  Some things were hit or miss.  Also, the RCW's-- Rations, Cold Weather-- were a bit harder to digest. To expand the flavor palate, soldiers passed around a lot of recipes such as "ranger pudding" and traded vacuum packed items in a unique, camo-colored bartering system. Alas, right up to the point when I got out in 1997, none of the item combinations ever added up to MRE pizza, and maybe they never will.  Click the picture below to read more.


For those unfamiliar with the different type of military meal, during my time in the service there was a RATION, COLD WEATHER that provided even more food because the body needs to burn more calories to stay warm in extreme cold.  They came in two MRE-sized soft packages that were white.  They also needed more reconstituting with water (the food was dehydrated and very dry so it would not freeze).  Heating tabs were provided seperately to heat the water in a handy canteen cup.   We also had nice pouch-heating pack that plugged into our vehicles. Here's a video I found of a RCW issued in 1998.  FYI:  this guy eats an MRE after 18 YEARS!!  He's either braver or crazier now than I was then, and I jumped out of perfectly good airplanes!

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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