Abandoned Soviet Era SPACE SHUTTLES!

FASCINATING VIDEO-- Before the Iron Curtain fell, the Soviet Union developed a Space Shuttle, known as the Buran. I recall from my high school days seeing one in the news. My friends and I thought it was a complete rip-off of the American design.

I had no idea that the USSR had started building a FLEET of shuttles. These adventurers drove/hiked for days across a desolate landscape in Kazakhstan to reach the decaying hangar on Baikonur Cosmodrome where the Burans are stored, recording videos of them inside & out, and via drone, all while DODGING SECURITY PATROLS.


That was an intense and interesting exploration.  I look forward to seeing more from these daring adventurers.

The Buran never flew a manned mission.  It had only one automated orbital flight.  But when the Soviet Union collapsed, the program was cancelled.  Here is the Wiki Link for the Buran.

Here's another Wiki Link for the Buran Program.

Why hasn't Russia and Kazakhstan cleaned this place up to make it a tourist attraction, I wonder?  Perhaps the remote location makes it not cost-effective.  Or perhaps they don't want to reveal the extent to which they used American designs for the Buran.  Who knows, but I'd put that trip on my bucket list.  ~Brian

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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