Brian Lost 68 POUNDS: The PRICE of Losing Weight!

Hello and thanks for clicking on my blog. This one is kind of long, I admit, but if you want to lose weight I highly suggest you read on.  On this post, I want to confront the big, ugly monster that everyone seems to have about weight loss plans:  


(Cue ominous music:  dun dun DAAAAAAAHH!)

I'VE LOST 68 POUNDS in 13 weeks on the Ideal Protein Plan with You First. (Link here). 

68 pounds is life-changing weight loss, improving my health, appearance, energy, flexibility, and my attitude. That's important considering that back in April, I went into the emergency room with pain in my stomach region.

Even after followup sonogram and CT scans, the cause was never found.  However, the pain began diminishing in May.  That is also when I began losing weight with Ideal Protein and You First.  Coincidence?

Now, those discomforts are a distant memory-- except for the big medical bills.  Ouch!

I begin with this because if you want to know the true cost of losing weight, you have to include many factors.  Medical costs are definitely connected to being obese.  Ask any doctor.  

So, how much are you paying for medications and treatments?  Back pains?  How many days do you call in sick from work?  Now ask yourself, what part of those costs are affected by being overweight? Would losing pounds save you money?  In my case, yes.


A direct comparison is not a fair assessment.  COST is not the same thing as VALUE.  Healthy food may seem more expensive because of the higher prices & shorter shelf lives, but they are so much better for you that they are worth it.

Keep in mind that if you are overweight, it is your current diet got you to there.  In order to change your body, you must make changes to your habits.  Food choices, I have discovered, are the essential part of any weight loss plan.

Ideal Protein meals, with 6-7 meals per unit/box, I roughly estimate to be about $30-$33 per unit.  
In addition, I eat 4-cups of veggies and 8-ounces of protein (meat/poultry/fish) in Phase 1, and take vitamin supplements.

If you compare that to your current food budget, don't forget that you will be REPLACING your meals, AND cutting out your old snacks, dining out meals, movie theater food, etc. 

Also factor in that bad food tends to be mass produced with lots of preservatives, salts, and freezing to make it last longer on the shelf.  This makes them cheaper, but not necessarily good for you.

But don't worry, Ideal Protein has a great variety and is designed specifically for weight loss.


Exercise is important, but you are not going to simply exercise the pounds away because you can easily take in more food than you can burn off. 
Also, at heavy weights (I maxed out at over 300 pounds), it was difficult, painful and even dangerous for me to do hard workouts anyway.  I ended up breaking an ankle over a year ago doing sprints.  Plus, working out makes me feel hungrier.  Sound familiar?

During Phase 1 of Ideal Protein, I keep my workouts light.  I walk, and now have lost enough weight to do some light bike riding.  My advice: a 'workout' is whatever fits your body's level of stress.  Just work A LITTLE outside your current endurance level.  Proceed gradually.

If you've made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS.  Sorry for being so long-winded, but this is important to me.  
If you are looking for a weight loss plan that works and is easy to follow, I can tell you that the Ideal Protein plan with You First has worked for me.  I'd love for it to work for you.  Nothing tastes as great as being healthy feels.

Please contact You First and talk with Dylan & Rachel.  Tell them I sent you.  It could be your first step to a lighter, thinner body and a longer, healthier and HAPPIER life.

Located in the Webb Wellness Center on Northern Lights between Arctic & Spenard

DISCLOSURE:  I (Brian Ross) was a client of You First for 10 weeks.  After significant weight loss, I now proudly endorse You First & the Ideal Protein weight loss plan and receive free products as payment.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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