I am frequently asked about how much losing weight 'costs' on Ideal Protein with You First.  I did a blog post about this a while back, but a bill I received yesterday gave me another big helping of perspective.That's a bill for my CT Scan from July, finally processed through insurance, and that does not include the emergency room costs, another doctor visit, a sonogram, additional meds, and the related insurance deductible/copays involved with the abdominal distress that sent me to the hospital. 

Plus, I have a chronic back problem which once caused me to need 3 pairs of steroid injections to the disk and physical therapy years ago.  And let's include a broken ankle a short while ago from trying to sprint at a heavy weight last year, plus some hormone and cholesterol meds and lab tests.

My extra pounds were either the reason for or an aggravating factor in all of those medical problems and costs.  So, if you are overweight, think about your medical costs and physical limitations and ask yourself this: is your cheap diet WORTH IT?  Was it ever? For my situation, the answer is a very big NO. 

I believe that my previous eating habits which raised me to over 300 pounds were no better than slow poison, and have certainly cost me much more than the price tag on a box of frozen burritos would have me believe. My cheap eating habits before didn't really save money. Cheap food literally cost me thousands of dollars more than what I paid for it!  Losing weight has become a medical and financial imperative for me.

I would have you avoid such costs before they suddenly torpedo your budget.  If you would like to learn more about how I've lost 85 pounds so far on the Ideal Protein Plan, please come to the You First-Open House on Wednesday, September 13th, 6pm.

Click the photos for the link to RSVP, and come meet my health coaches, ask questions about You First and the Ideal Protein plan.

Disclosure:  I, Brian Ross, was a client of You First for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein plan, I proudly began endorsing them & receive free products as compensation. 

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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