GOOD NEWS!  With a 3-pound weight loss this week, I've dropped a total of 105 POUNDS IN 24 WEEKS, thanks to You First & The Ideal Protein plan!  (Link)

Have you ever gotten a Facebook Memory post and cringed? Nowadays, for me, they are great motivators because they remind me of how long I was TRAPPED within my own 300+ pound body.  See the difference that 4 years and 105 pounds can make?

It looked like even the horses didn't want to pull my chunky bod in the carriage. I'm fast approaching my 50th birthday (Oct 23).  What honestly amazes me is that I've lost more weight recently than I ever have in my life, and I'm 49 years old!  The Ideal Protein plan has taken away one of the biggest excuses I used-- that my body's weight was set because of my age.  But for the last 24 weeks I've lost a little or a LOT of weight each week. Freeing my body from that extra weight has also allowed me to enjoy life more.  I walked around all day at the recent Senshi Con event, dressed as a Jedi, with no joint or back pain, and no sweating or heavy breathing.

My young Padowan is friend & cosplay partner-in-crime, artist Amy Bell. She weighs 105 pounds.  I've lost an entire Amy!!  It's almost like I was giving Amy a piggyback ride for years!  Well, considering the costumes, it's more like a Tauntaun ride. :-)

Here's another good comparison.  That was a 2X sized shirt and I still stretched it at 313 pounds. That tummy used to rub against my steering wheel.  And don't get me started on airplane seats.  Thank you, Ideal Protein!!

THE COST OF LOSING WEIGHTOf all the questions, the most popular one I hear is, 'How much does it cost?"It's an important question, but I've noticed that most people asking it have some preconceived notions creating doubts-- I used to be one of them. Remember, if you are interested in losing weight, comparing your current food budget to Ideal Protein is not a fair comparison.  It's like comparing a butter knife to a surgeon's scalpel.  One spreads butter on your bread, the other is used to save your life.  My previous eating habits shot my weight up to over 300 pounds, which created or worsened multiple health problems. Sure, the food I used to eat was CHEAPER and had a longer shelf life... but was that a good trade off?  No, not when you consider that my weight contributed to my medical costs, including an emergency room visit, medications, a compressed disk in my lower back, a broken foot, joint pains, and having to buy first class airline tickets if I wanted a measure of comfort on long flights. Yes, Ideal Protein costs a little more each week than my previous food budget-- but my old foods led to weight gain, not loss.  

My old foods were truly only 'cheaper' than Ideal Protein if you don't include the sorrow they brought to my life.


Seeing is believing.  I've lost weight in the triple digits and I'm still going. I wholeheartedly recommend that if you want to lose weight and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle, Ideal Protein is the way to go.  Contact You First today!

Disclosure:  I, Brian Ross, was a client of You First for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein plan, I proudly began endorsing them & receive free products as compensation.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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