108 POUNDS LOST IN 25 WEEKS-- with 3 more this week thanks to the Ideal Protein weight loss plan & my health coaches at You First! (Link) I shooting for under 200 pounds in another week or two. It feels good to be optimistic about weight loss.

You know, I can't really remember the last time I weighed less than 200, but it must have been when I was in my early 30's. I was about 29 when I left the Army. Absent the military environment, I steadily gained weight until I eventually ballooned to over 300 pounds-- 313 when I began the Ideal Protein plan on May 4th.  

Now, with Ideal Protein, and the guidance of Dylan & Rachel at You First, I've seen my pounds & inches drop week by week, and my health improve.


Thankfully with Ideal Protein, coffee is still on the menu!  Currently, I drink no more than 2 cups a day, one with an ounce of milk, plus Stevia & cinnamon, and the other is an IP Vanilla Latte.
Pardon the slightly blurry selfie.  Meet Emma, my favorite barista (holding my favorite Spidey-Cup).  She steams my Ideal Protein Vanilla drink, which has the consistency of milk, then adds two shots of America's favorite caffeine delivery system.
Then, I go for my daily walk around the Dimond Center a few times.  Walking, by the way, is my primary exercise on Phase 1 of Ideal Protein.  3-4 miles daily at a casual pace.


(I shared these thoughts this week with an Ideal Protein support group on Facebook).

As an Ideal Protein user and a local spokesperson for You First, I hear a lot of people ask "how much does it cost?" This can be frustrating because most people seem to be looking for ways to justify their 'no' in advance rather than learning how and why Ideal Protein works.  

Hey, I get it.  Money is tight.  Still, I try to explain that my old eating habits and my new IP habits are simply not the same.  One got me weighing over 300 pounds, the other has helped me lose 108 pounds so far.  

I surprised myself and my coach when I put it this way. Comparing my old food costs to Ideal Protein costs is like living on an island and comparing your car to a boat.  

If you want to stay put on the island, a car is fine. But if you need to cross the water and reach the mainland, you must use the boat.

The two vehicles, like the two different eating habits, have different purposes and very different outcomes.  

Is your old foods being cheaper REALLY a plus? Why does cheaper equal 'better?'

And consider this: is a cheaper diet TRULY cheaper? Or does it add to your budget in other ways?  

For me, my weight meant added illness, added meds, added fiber supplements and antacids, a broken foot, and an emergency room visit in the wee hours of the morning... ALL caused by or worsened by my 300+ pounds and all meant added expenses.  And yes, first class seats instead of coach if I wanted any comfort at all on airplanes-- don't forget that.

Boiled down to one concept:  Cost is only an issue in the absence of value.

My old diet was of very little value.  Ideal Protein, the key to my weight loss, is very valuable indeed.

So, I recommend you add up your budget for food, meds, clothing, travel, food-centered entertainment, etc, and then contact You First.  The info is below.

Remember, weight loss is not just about the money you pull out of your wallet.  It's also about the living you put back into your life.  ~Brian

Disclosure:  I, Brian Ross, was a client of You First for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein plan, I proudly began endorsing them & receive free products as compensation.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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