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This week, my weight dipped into the 160's for the first time I can remember since leaving the Army over 20 years ago, thanks to You First & Ideal Protein! (link)  
It was only a 1-pound loss this week.  My health coach Dylan & I kind of scratched our heads and wondered... from where else can I lose weight??  I can't see much more fat on me.  Now THAT is a great problem to have.

I'm so happy with Ideal Protein  that I decided to compare myself with a music icon.  Ladies & gents, I give JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE/BRIAN ROSS SIDE BY SIDES!  I've walked past Mr. J.T. Skinny for years now.

I know, me & Justin are practically TWINS now, right?  Anyway...

Dylan & I have decided that I will do one more week of Ideal Protein Phase 1 (the weight loss phase).  In IP Phases 2 & 3, I will begin reintegrating normal foods into my meal plan.  I may still lose pounds in Phase 2, but my body seems to already be slowing down the weight loss as I "come in for a landing."


Dropping pounds means dropping a lot of bad habits & old limitations from my over-300 years.  Here's a list of some things I leave behind which I hope will motivate you to consider Ideal Protein with You First.

  • TESTOSTERONE! The injections are no longer needed-- no more Low-T!

  • I can reach my toes.

  • I can SEE my toes.

  • I no longer need to hold my breath to tie my shoes. For a while I even considered Velcro straps instead of shoelaces. 

  • AIRPLANE SEATS no longer scare me! I know I will fit between the arm rests & can easily fasten the seat belt.

  • My belt holds up my pants-- at over 300 pounds, my belt would slide down the bottom of my belly.  Yeah, my belly had an underside.  I even considered suspenders instead of a belt. 

  • Now I buy clothes I LIKE-- not clothes to hide my weight or to work around a weight problem, like the belt and shoe problems above.

  • Walking through long airports terminals won't require a rest break.

  • I can keep up with ANYONE's walking speed & distance, even my tall friends who walk fast.

  • My feet & shins are no longer swollen from water retention.

  • Stairs no longer scare me.

  • My joints & back stopped aching.

  • I don't sweat and get winded just from walking.

  • SNORING (I think)! I believe I have stopped, but can't be certain since I have no significant other to tell me about it.  However, I no longer wake up with a dry mouth & sore, swollen throat, plus I sleep much better.  These are good indications that I may not  snore anymore.

  • NO MORE LETHARGY!  I have energy now.  I even took on extra work to pay down the medical bills (another result of having been overweight).

  • Cravings!  I don't get hungry at the sight of sweets and other snacks.  I really only get tempted by good aromas, but have learned to manage those cravings.

  • No more eating my emotions! I am feeling much happier and confident now.  It used to be that I  hid a lot of depression under my pounds, and craved the temporary good feelings that comfort foods gave me.  I think that the success of the Ideal Protein Plan, and the support I get from You First & all of my friends & followers encouraging me, has given me a new perspective.  

If you are overweight, please believe me when I say this:  I AM NOT SPECIAL!  
There is no particular reason why I've lost 144 pounds and you can't.  If I can do it, why not you? 

I have been where you are-- perhaps, at 313 pounds, I was even worse off than you.  But I was able to shed the pounds with Ideal Protein.  I just stuck with it, and soon RESULTS kept me going.  The steps are easy-- 3 Ideal Protein products, 8-ounces of protein, 4 cups of certain vegetables, water, vitamins, REPEAT.  

But the first step is the hardest: the DECISION to get started.  So please find out more at the You First website and at our free seminar. (link)  Ideal Protein has changed my life-- I sincerely would love it to help you in the same way. ~Brian

Disclosure:  I, Brian Ross, was a client of You First for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein plan, I proudly began endorsing them & receive free products as compensation.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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