Thanks for checking in on my weight loss progress.  After losing 151 pounds in about 10 months, I'm currently in the first weeks of Phase 4 of the Ideal Protein plan with You First (link), working on establishing the right ratios of proteins, carbs and fats for my body and activity.  It's fun and delicious!

You know, I've discovered that losing weight is not just about the pounds and inches you take off your body, but the joy you add back into your life (but the pounds & inches are great, too!)

When I started slimming down I noticed that my routine discomfort which I endured daily began evaporating.  Joint pain, pain in my shins and feet, and my back pains faded even as I became more active.  This morning, I did something simple yet amazing... I dropped my keys and picked them right up.  Does that seem trivial?  Not to someone who weighed 313 pounds and had to make a production out of bending over, supporting myself on the wall, and holding my breath as I reached past my bulk for the keys.

And I've also discovered that I enjoy a healthy serving of geek food!  Yes, it's official: Brian Ross is a cosplayer!

I'm piecing together an Indiana Jones costume for and upcoming scifi convention at the end of April.  It's not going to be 100% accurate, but as close as I can get in the time I have (and with the $$ I can spare).  Critical was the bull whip-- I found a tan, 8' whip similar to Indy's for only about $28 on Amazon. Plus I bought the whip holster, dark brown.  

This jacket may not be the precise style of Indy, but it's close enough, and was a bargain at a thrift store.  It's only missing one unseen pocket flap snap.  The HAT above was actually more accurate to the Indy character than the branded "Indiana Jones" model of hat below. If you look at photos of Harrison Ford as Indy (which I won't post here in case of copyrights), the brim is smaller.  I got a discount on this hat because there's a slight ding in the crown which I should be able to fix with spray starch. 

"No photos?"  Yeah, right.  You can't be Indiana Jones if you follow all the rules. 


Anyway, now I have to find a suitable shirt, pants, shoes, and the pistol & holster, depending on the convention rules about fake weapons.  But I can get away with an empty holster-- remember that scene in Temple of Doom?  No pistol to shoot the swordsmen like he did in Raiders?  Heh heh heh.  I love being a geek!!

Oh... and a friend is going to loan me an accurate shoulder satchel, which I discovered was actually a pre-WWII era gas mask case!  

To see my last GENERAL KENOBI style Jedi outfit and many more fantastic cosplays, here are TWO GALLERIES from last year. Click the photo below for the link.

So, was this a blog about cosplay or about weight loss?  

I've discovered it's more accurate to ask this question instead: what are the things in your life affected by being overweight?  I had a cheap food budget getting to 313 pounds, but my weight cost me some very big medical bills to offset that.  Airplane seats, long walks, clothes shopping-- all were awkward, uncomfortable experiences for me over the better part of the last 20 years.  Going forward, I plan to pack as much joy and love into my life as I can with my new body and regained health... and that includes cosplay.  

For that, I owe a big thank you to You First and Ideal Protein.  

Disclosure:  I, Brian Ross, was a client of You First for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein plan, I proudly began endorsing them & receive compensation for on-air mentions & web content.  Results may vary.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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