Over the weekend, I did my first outdoor ride on my bike in preparation for the Clean Air Challenge (link).  It might have been too early for it... or so my throbbing shin tells me.  But, I wanted to get a true sense of what my old bike & new body can do together after losing over 150 pounds (uh... me, not the bike.  I lost the pounds).  

I did some Facebook Live videos along the way when I stopped for some maintenance, or when ice and gravity ganged up on me.  


Okay, I will admit that my bike didn't stay under me all the time.  I fell twice on patches of sidewalk ice, and one of those gave me some aching palms and a road rash on my shin, but otherwise, no damage to me or bike. However, I did nearly freeze my fingers and toes off.  I bought a pair of gloves at a gas station for extra coverage, but the toes just had to tough it out.

Here's another FB Live video.


POSITIVE FEEDBACK:  I felt like I could have biked 2 or 3 times more than the 2 1/2 hours, and could have done even better on a ride down the highway without stops and starts from traffic.  Without the extra 150 pounds of "biological ballast," I felt great energy and endurance.  Plus, on the Clean Air Challenge, I will be even lighter.  I won't have to carry as much gear on my bike since the ride will be completely supported with rest areas, food, water, and "SAG wagons" patrolling the routes.

Also, I felt comfortable in the saddle.  You may notice in the vids that I use a C-shaped seat.  It wasn't too comfortable when I first bought it a couple of years ago, but I had... uh... more BOOTY then.  Now, my pelvis seems to naturally find the comfortable place to rest on it and it didn't interfere with my pedaling.  

I had no aching, no saddle soars, felt no numbness from constant pressure, and I didn't have to wear the bulky padded biking shorts often described as diapers by those who don't know about biking-- or those that do and hate the padding.  

Here's the third and final video I shot.


My goal is to raise $1000 for the American Lung Association.  Please click this link and donate, sponsoring me in the Clean Air Challenge.   

You can also JOIN MY TEAM.  Just use promo code 'iHeartRadio' to save 50% on your registration fee, select whatever route you prefer--all routes count for Team iHeartRadio.

I hope to see you in Talkeetna on May 12!  Ride hard.  Breathe easy!  ~Brian

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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