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Here's a new before/after photo that makes me as proud as kid getting straight A's on a report card.  It's my EKG's from 2017 and 2018 side by side showing TREMENDOUS IMPROVEMENT, and I chalk it up to You First and the Ideal Protein Protocol! (link) 

I had been feeling some minor chest discomfort--didn't think it was the heart, but I wanted to be sure because after all, I'd been walking around overweight for a couple of decades before slimming down into my 160's with You First on the Ideal Protein Protocol.   So I got some tests done and we determined I just have some inflammation in my rib cartilage.  Nothing serious, just uncomfortable.  My heart is FANTASTIC!

The difference between these EKG's is about 15 months and 142 pounds lost.  My beats per minute went from 84 down to 53.  That's about 37% better if my math is right.  

My doctor is all smiles these days when he sees me.  He even called me 'Slim.'  

And isn't this the real reason we should do it?  It's not about the weight you lose-- it's about the life you gain.  

When you lose weight, it means  more than just looking better, it's about BEING HEALTHIER and DOING MORE.  Life is filled with things to see, do, and treasure.  Lose weight so that you can experience these things.  Do you want to climb a flight of stairs?  Do you want to climb mountains?  Bike around town or bike 100 miles?

Do you want to dance at your daughter's wedding?  To be around to see your grand children grow?  

If you are like I was-- feeling like you were perhaps dying more than you were living, with weight causing or making worse all the problems of your life, I hope you find that reason to hang on and to make the decision to lose weight.  When you do, I would love to help you do what I did.

I feel like I have a life, a WHOLE LIFE ahead of me because of You First and the Ideal Protein Protocol, and I never want to take that for granted again.

DISCLAIMER:  I, Brian Ross, was a client of You First on the Ideal Protein Protocol for 10 weeks.  After significant weight loss, I proudly began endorsing You First and am compensated for my on-air and online mentions.  Results may vary.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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