I saw this on a weight loss group and it really got me thinking.

When I talk about my weight loss at seminars, I always begin by telling people how I started down the path to weight gain.  I was a small, fairly thin guy most of my early life.  I was even a paratrooper.

But after I left the Army in the late 90's, I discovered that all of that discipline I learned in the military was not self-discipline.  The days of the chow hall cooking my meals and NCO's making me workout and checking my weight were gone.  I spent the next 20 years or so putting on and keeping on the weight up to 313 pounds.

I also made lots of excuses as I packed on lots of pounds.  I would tell myself I'm too old to lose the weight, it's genetics, I've got hormone problems (thyroid and testosterone)... sound familiar?  Then at age 49, after stomach problems sent me to the emergency room, I realized that I DID NOT KNOW how to lose weight.  I was clueless.

Who would have thought it... admitting I was clueless gave me clarity.  Is that ironic?  

It's true, though.  Once I realized I did not know what I was doing, it opened my eyes to new possibilities.  

I had made a lot of excuses for being overweight.  To lose it, I only needed to make one choice.  That's when I discovered You First and the Ideal Protein Protocol. (link)


There was an adjustment as my body got used to using my own body fat as part of my fuel source.  Switching from a carb heavy diet to a low carb/low fat weight loss plan such as Ideal Protein has it's challenges early on.  However, my body got used to it.  Within a few weeks I felt just fine as the pounds dropped off and my health began improving.  Others noticed an ever increasing 'spring in my step.'

It took be about 10 months on the Ideal Protein Plan with You First to reverse about twenty years of weight gain, but at the age of 50, I reached my goal after losing 151 pounds.

So what was the hardest part about losing weight on Ideal Protein?  I think it was the decision to begin.  

You see, after the emergency room visit to deal with stomach pains, I had several tests and doctors could not figure out what the problem was-- only ruling out things that it wasn't, such as cancer or an ulcer.  

It's a very humbling experience to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, "I went to the emergency room... because I'm FAT."  But that is exactly what I did.  It was painful to finally see myself as I really was and not hidden behind the excuses and self-deprecating humor.  

I finally saw myself as an obese person who had chosen to bite off and swallow every morsel of food to get there.  The only thing that was ever going to get me out of that prison of flesh was a different decision.   Thankfully, I made the choice and found the right plan.

I would like to invite you to hear my story in person and to learn about the Ideal Protein Plan and You First at our next free seminar.  Please click the picture below and RSVP if you'd like to attend.

Thank you for reading my blog!  ~Brian

Disclosure:  I, Brian Ross, was a client of You First for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein plan, I proudly began endorsing them & receive compensation for on-air mentions & web content.  Results may vary.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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