This nugget made me slow my scroll on Facebook.  Check out this Star Wars exercise gear at!  The kettle bells look wicked cool-- and like an Alderaanian's worst nightmare!

And look at Han Solo... IT'S A MAT!!


Here are a few of my own gear suggestions:

  • A Deathstar trash compactor themed thigh master.  Call it the Jed-ThighMaster.  Or perhaps a Thigh Master shaped like a TIE Fighter called the ThighFighter. 

  • Dumbells with handles shaped like lightsaber hilts.

  • A C3P0 workout soundtrack.  Nothing can motivate you to sweat like C3P0 telling you, "Sir, the possibility of successfully completing this workout is approximately 3,720 to 1!"

  • Weight belts that look like the tentacle that grabbed Luke on the Deathstar.

  • Hairy Wookie sneakers.

What do you think?  Are you ready to transform yourself from a scruffy nerf herder to a ripped rebel with this gear?  Good luck, and may The Force be with you always!  ~Brian

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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