DEAD CANDIES? A Post Halloween Wrap-up

As your kids empty out their pillow cases of Halloween candy (and if they don't use pillow cases, they are 'Ween amateurs), perhaps parents will look back and fondly remember candies of yore.

It was an indulgence day for me yesterday, so I had my first piece of Halloween Candy in well over a year (see my earlier weight loss blog posts).  Sugar Rush City! 

And when talking about candy with Casey B. and Malie D. next door at sister station 101.3 KGOT, it got me thinking about candies I no longer see from my younger days.  What candies do you remember that are gone now or have undergone a big change? 


Technically, it's the same gooey, crunchy candy, but Malie D. was too young to remember that from the 60's through the mid-80's, it was called the "Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar" and not "100 Grand."  The Wiki entry claims it was named after an old game show, but lacks the citation.  Hmmmm.


BAR NONE was a favorite of mine in the late 80's to 90's. 

According to this entry at The Daily Meal, even a formula change adding caramel couldn't save Bar None in the 90's and it was discontinued.  However, rumors are that if you want to head South of the border, you can score some Bar None in Mexico.  ¬°Buena suerte!


For me, BUTTERFINGER CRISP bars were superior to standard Butter Finger bars.  Butter Fingers are tasty, but too hard and dry in my opinion.  Butterfinger Crisp bars seemed to combine the flavor of Butterfinger with the lighter crunch of a Kit Kat.  Alas, it seems they are seasonal at best, or gone altogether.  

In my 'extensive' candy research, I discovered an entry about how Butterfinger Crisp was discontinued, but brought back on a limited basis briefly.  In 2016, even Butterfinger's FB page said to check Amazon.

The Butterfinger Candy Locator (yes, that's a thing) also reports that in Alaska, there are no Butterfinger Crisp bars to be found at retailers. LINK


Is Toffifay gone or is it just hard to find in Alaska?  I saw it on shelves once and then nothing.

Toffifay (pronounced "Toffee Fay") or Toffifee in some locations overseas, is a German based AUGUST STORCK KG candy (link), which is the same company that makes Werther's Original caramels.  I remember Toffifay had a great 70's campaign in America with several "too good for kids" commercials like the one above.  

Toffifay has a U.S. candy locator, too (link).  According to my search, it should be available here, but maybe not in places where I regularly shop.  Perhaps next time I indulge, I'll go on an Alaskan hunt for my Toffi-PREY.

Happy post-Halloween!  Hope your sugar hangover isn't too bad!  ~Brian 

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