Wow!  This video makes me laugh AND feel old!  I remember how exciting it was for me when I learned how to use a rotary phone-- how it would ring and everyone would converge ON ONE SPOT in the house.

These teens, however, have trouble figuring out a good ol' rotary phone and it is hilarious.  Watch!  


Think about it, there may be teens out there that haven't even heard a dial tone because many homes don't have land lines, and many kids may never have picked up a phone at an office because they don't work yet.

What else don't kids understand about their parent's (or grandparents) teen years?  Three channels plus PBS?  Phone booths?  Calculators that were ONLY calculators and not part of a phone?  

What will they tell THEIR kids?  "You know son, back in my day we didn't have cell phone chips implanted in our heads.  We had to put devices in our pockets and pull them out when they vibrated."

"Dad?  What's a pocket?"

Sssiiiighh.  I'm old.  Excuse me while I tell some kids to get off my lawn.  ~Brian

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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