Looking back just one year, I never thought I'd be buying a new home, let alone a home with rental income. But then, a year ago, I had not yet met Garrett Moore at Alaska Real Estate Connection (link)

How did I go from being a debt-ridden deejay to a guy who now has four rental units? Would you believe it started with Garrett telling me NO, he would not sell my home?

Well-- he didn't just flat turn me down. Garrett suggested an ALTERNATE PLAN.

In order to help reduce my monthly debt payments and pay off SOME of it, I had considered selling my 1-bedroom condo and moving in with a friend. Another friend of mine introduced me to Garrett Moore who looked over my place, it's value, and the market, and he told me honestly that there would be no way I'd sell it without losing money, but my 1br condo would still help my bottom line AS A RENTAL.

Okay-- so I'd still move out, the rent money would pay the mortgage or most of it, and I'd still slowly be growing equity and living with a friend, right? WRONG!!


Me in the mid 90's at US Army Parachutist School, Ft. Benning, GA.

I've been using my VA Loan to buy my homes in Anchorage for about 20 years, since leaving the Army out of Fort Richardson. But until late last year, I didn't know that a VA Loan can be used on TWO PROPERTIES.

Yes, one time during a veteran's use of the VA Loan, it can be used on two properties (with approved credit, of course). Vets in Alaska might use it for a main home and then a cabin, for example. Or perhaps you want to use it to buy a new home and turn your last home into a rental. There are many buying/selling options, and Garrett can help you find the one that best fits your needs.

Garrett suggested that I move out of my condo, fix it up and rent it out, then he could help me find a 4-plex with rental income that would be greater than the cost of the mortgage!

There's a saying in the real estate industry, "Rent three, live free." Now of course, I'm not living free. I pay my mortgage and utilities. But with Garrett Moore's help and a taylored search on his website,, I found a 4-plex with rental income of $3100 and a mortgage payment of about $2660.

Check out this photo gallery!

Now, I am happily and comfortably living in a new home that is more than big enough for my things, and it will help me take bigger swings to chip away at my other debts to bring them down and eventually get rid of them. What a feeling-- I can actually see myself getting out of debt sooner rather than much, much later.

For my new chapter of life, I am extremely grateful that I teamed up with Garrett Moore at Alaska Real Estate Connection.

Garrett had the knowledge I needed to help me find a better path, and he had the tools and contacts to help guide me along it, including knowing options and people to help with financing, property management, and the resources I needed to prepare my rental properties-- but that's a subject for a later blog.

I recommend that you contact Garrett yourself and see what real estate options you have available at or call 907-952-1112. I especially recommend it if you have a VA Loan. I'm glad I did.


My first day in my new home!


I, Brian Ross, participated in the home buying process with Garrett Moore at Alaska Real Estate Connection, 255 East Fireweed Lane #102, Anchorage, AK 99503, Herrington & Company brokerage, License: 1042

I am proud to endorse them, and receive compensation for on-air mentions and web content.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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