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Hi there! I call this photo "The WEIGHT is unBEARable."

And if you've been waiting for the next FREE SEMINAR at Ideal Health, you won't have to bear that wait much longer. It's Wednesday, August 14th at 6pm. Here is the RSVP LINK, or you can call or text 885-3130 to let us know you are coming. Doctors are very welcome to attend to see if our weight loss plan would be right for their patients. I will also be there to talk a little bit about my own weight loss experience with Ideal Health and we'd love to answer your questions, too.

I've been in maintenance for over a year now, maintaining much healthier eating habits after Ideal Health helped me drop over 150 pounds. And what a year it has been.

I've been pretty successful as you can see. My weight range fluctuates, but whenever it feels like it's a little more than I'd like, I bring it back down again thanks to the knowledge I've gained from the health coaching I received from Ideal Health. One great piece of advice: Remember--no diet is a vaccine against gaining weight. If I am not mindful of my eating habits, I can easily put pounds back on.

I believe that losing the weight was actually easier than keeping it off in a world full of food choices and temptation-- and foods created to make you crave them. Fortunately Ideal Health is not just about losing weight. It's about health and food education--learning how to keep off the pounds and live a healthy lifestyle after you've reached your goal. After all, nobody wants to yo-yo diet.

I think my Mom would be proud of me. She'd probably be STUNNED by all the green stuff I eat, and how much lower my carb count is these days. My shopping cart looks more like a garden these days! Yes, I do eat carbs, but I have really dropped the amount of excess breads and cereals and empty calories I have in my diet. That is quite the change from a kid that lived for peanut butter sandwiches well into...well, my 40's. Check out my crew cut. I was about 4 years old here!



Okay... let me take a minute to tell you how I shamelessly bragged to a CARDIOLOGIST last week. I was helping him record a PSA and steered our conversation to my own EKG because it is the before/after photo I'm most proud of-- and very lucky to have, too. He was IMPRESSED with the 31 beats-per-minute improvement in my resting heart rate. When I took the second EKG, last year, I'd forgotten that I had been given an EKG when I was over 300 pounds.

In case you are concerned, the reason why I took the second EKG turned out to be irritated cartilage around my sternum and was not related at all to the old ticker. A the paper shows, it's thumping along nicely, and much more efficiently these days.

I also remind people, especially when they are concerned about the cost of a weight loss plan, that HEALTHCARE COSTS should be factored in, too. My weight caused me to go to the emergency room in April 2017 for abdominal pains that were never fully identified. That was followed by multiple expensive tests that soaked up a lot of my healthcare benefits and plenty of my own cash. Doctors ruled out many things like cancer, ulcers, and appendicitis. But I came to a realization that I went to the E.R. because I was overweight.

It took me 11 months to drop 151 pounds with Ideal Health. Along the way I dropped the first two prescriptions I was on: injections of testosterone, and my compression socks which I wore for water retention. My T-levels returned to normal after losing the excess fat (my doctor was very happy!) and the socks no longer fit around my normal shins and calves.

After a year of weight maintenance, my I had another physical and was cleared to say goodbye to my high cholesterol medication (Atorvastatin) and my low thyroid med (Synthroid). Now my only prescription is my glasses. This could be the first year in decades when I am not on any long-term prescription meds.

Almost every medical condition for which I've been treated as an adult since age 30 was caused by or aggravated by being overweight. When you are considering costs of a weight loss plan, I'd recommend you ask yourself how your weight has affected your healthcare costs.

We look forward to meeting you at our FREE SEMINAR at Ideal Health. Click any of my pics for the link or RSVP with a call or text at 885-3130. Thanks for checking out my blog. ~Brian

Disclosure: I, Brian Ross, was a client of Ideal Health (formerly know as You First, LLC) for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein Protocol, I proudly began endorsing Ideal Health & receive compensation for on-air mentions & web content. I also now work part time at Ideal Health as a Health Coach. Results may vary.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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