WEIGHT LOSS GOAL: 2 year anniversary of losing 100 pounds

It was 2 years ago that I did something I'd never done before: I LOST 100 POUNDS with Ideal Health (known then as You First). I would go on to lose 151 pounds before taking the next challenge of my journey: maintaining my new, health weight range, also with the support of Ideal Health.

Along my journey, I discovered that I had so many people cheering me on and pulling for my success-- family, friends, coworkers and listeners-- some of whom even began weight loss and health improvement journeys of their own, such as my friend Roland.

Somewhere along the way, I also realized that it was about more than just weight loss. It was truly about improving my overall fitness. Being overweight (my maximum was 313) was causing or aggrevating just about every other medical problem I had. There had been a compressed disk requiring 3 pairs of steroid injections into it. I broke a foot bone when shifting my weight while doing sprints. I was also on four long term prescriptions for low thyroid, high cholesterol, injections of testosterone, and compression socks (instead of meds) for edema/water retention.

Now, the only prescription I have is for my eyeglasses.


Recently I looked over my available medical benefits and realized I had some! A month ago was the 1 year anniversary of paying off the last of my medical lab expenses stemming initially from an emergency room visit-- the one that truly woke me up to the dangers of my obesity.

After the E.R. visit in 2017, I had more doctor's visits and tests, including a sonogram and CT scan which ruled out many possible causes of my stomach pains, but never definitively identified the cause. I said to myself, "I went to the Emergency Room because I'm fat."

Just writing that line still brings tears to my eyes.

As I lost weight, I felt my stomach pains diminishing until they vanished about a month or so into the plan. They have never returned. I also ended up dropping all four prescriptions (with approval from my doctors), and even my EKG shows a major improvement in my heart's efficiency.

Since paying off my final medical debts, I have seen my company Health Benefits accumulate.

My Health Spending Account, which was reduced to just 31 CENTS back in September of 2018, now has over $2600 available for emergencies! And I have not spent any money toward my deductible this year.


And if I can do it, then why not you? We are ready to assist you on the first step of your weight loss journey. And I really do mean 'we.' I am also proud to be a part time health coach with Ideal Health.

If you are ready to learn more, just click on any of the pictures or links, or call/text 885-3130 for Ideal Health. You can even RSVP for our next free monthly seminar.

I look forward to helping you succeed.


Disclosure: I, Brian Ross, was a client of Ideal Health (formerly know as You First, LLC) for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein Protocol, I proudly began endorsing Ideal Health & receive compensation for on-air mentions & web content. I also now work part time at Ideal Health as a Health Coach. Results may vary.

Brian Ross

Brian Ross

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