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Do you know what the BEST THING is about losing weight with Ideal Health? Seeing your BEST FRIEND losing weight and getting healthier!

Meet my buddy, Russell Haver. He's a great guy. We've been friends for over a decade and he's even joined me on a couple of Polar Plunges for Special Olympics Alaska.

He's about 6 feet tall and at his maximum weight, he was 303 pounds (To put that in perspective, I am 5'6" and outweighed him at 313 at my heaviest). Russell saw me at THE WORST of my weight problems, and through my weight loss with Ideal Health.

Well, after a trip to the doctor ended with Russell on some pre-diabetic meds and checking his blood sugar levels, and hit him with some hefty medical bills, Russell came to Ideal Health to start his weight loss journey. SO FAR, RUSSELL HAS LOST 45 POUNDS with Ideal Health!!

I'm very proud of Russell's progress! To me, a healthier friend means more time to do more fun things. I'm sure we'll be getting into some trouble together when he gets back to Alaska.

Another great thing to note is that Russell recently moved to Hawaii and has been working with Ideal Health via our remote client program. Ideal Health works to help people lose weight even if they are outside of the Anchorage area. We ship products to weight loss clients in many places around Alaska and in other states, and provide health coaching through email, text, video chat, and on the phone

During the weight loss phase, Russell has also been safely maintaining his blood sugar level (reporting today that his A1c was 7.0).

While Ideal Health cannot guarantee that you will be able to drop or reduce your dependencies on medications, improving your health through a proper weight loss plan can be a healthy step toward that goal. I personally was taken off multiple prescriptions by my doctor, including testosterone injections. Remember, always check with your doctor before you change or stop taking your medications.

Ideal Health helps guide you through a medically designed, professionally supervised protocol to lose weight safely. No drugs, no surgery-- it's a food plan that emphasizes the proper macronutrient balance for losing weight while maintaining muscle mass, with the proper micronutrient supplement balance to preserve your vitality.

Find out more about Ideal Health. Come out to our free seminar TONIGHT (link here to RSVP) or call/text 885-3130 to RSVP or to set up a consultation.

Disclosure: I, Brian Ross, was a client of Ideal Health (formerly know as You First, LLC) for 10 weeks. After seeing significant weight loss results on the Ideal Protein Protocol, I proudly began endorsing Ideal Health & receive compensation for on-air mentions & web content. I also now work part time at Ideal Health as a Health Coach. Results vary based on gender, medical conditions, how well you comply with the program, and other factors. While some patients may end or reduce your dependence on some medications as I did, this result is not guaranteed. Always consult with a doctor before changing any prescriptions.

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