Camping Weekend Recap: Stuck in a Tent in the Middle of a Monsoon

Over the weekend, my wife Erika and I escaped the heat to go camping on Mount Graham near Safford. It's similar to Mount Lemmon in temperature and elevation with BEAUTIFUL views.

We found a campsite, settled in our hammocks, and went exploring... There's a little lake at the top of the mountain that people can go fishing in.

THEN on Saturday evening a MAJOR monsoon rolled in!!! We climbed into our tent to wait it out, but it sat on top of us for over an hour!!! We could feel the water rushing under our tent to the point that it felt like a waterbed! Thank goodness no water go in, and we stayed safe and dry.

After an hour of the most lightning/thunder, rain, and HAIL, the storm finally cleared and we were able to catch the most beautiful sunset!!!

Even though it was totally scary going through that storm, it was a great weekend! Follow me on instagram for more hiking/camping/travel adventures!

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