Married on the Mic: A Fun Podcast About Real Marriage

"It's so relatable!"

That's what most of our listeners say about "Married on the Mic".

My husband and I have been doing this podcast (off and on) since 2018. He was helping me test some new home studio equipment one night and we jokingly started pretending we were doing a show together. It turned into a funny conversation and at the end we both said it was the most time we'd spent actually talking to each other about our relationship in a long time.

"We should do a podcast," he said... and within a week we were recording our first episode.

Over the last four years we've changed quite a bit... And about a year and a half ago we decided to stop doing the podcast for a while and seek marriage counseling. I actually said in one of the episodes that I didn't want to see a therapist because I didn't want to be told I was doing everything wrong. As it turns out, that's not what marriage counseling is at all. Sure she has encouraged us to apologize, understand, and communicate in healthier ways, but blaming and finger-pointing is strongly discouraged.

We talk about everything from our love languages (we learned a lot from this episode because we're complete opposites!), to my "wandering eye" and "bloodhound" behavior, my husband's tendency to "sweat the small stuff" while I roll my eyes, how we ended up in marriage counseling, how it's helped us, and where we still need work. Some episodes are light and funny, while others turn into bitter arguments that probably shouldn't even be shared publicly. I also get really vulnerable and cry like a baby in a few of them too.

On one recent episode we talked about whether or not you should always be honest when your spouse gives you a gift you're not psyched about. I gave my husband a dartboard for Christmas and I thought he would love it... We also discussed some parenting disagreements and why drama in a Facebook group led to a conversation with our therapist. Here's a link to listen to the episode on iHeartRadio.

Here's what one of our new listeners had to say about the podcast. We really do keep it real. We are not experts, we just put it all out there and hope that other couples will enjoy listening and knowing they're not the only ones with crazy issues in their marriage!

My husband is also a prankster, so the podcast is filled with his witty puns and so-not-funny-they're-funny dad jokes.

A few weeks ago I walked into the bathroom to find this.

Anyway, I've never posted about our podcast here on the radio station website, but I felt like it was time to share... We've enjoyed hosting it and we hope you'll enjoy listening!

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